In the framework of Total Quality Management Approach, in the whole process of changing and developing conditions, adding value to every performed work with culture, Gramis is targeting to the perfect, by following methods based on efficient, competitive and superior performance.

Our principles:

 To fulfill the requirements Quality Management System, ISO 9001, manage and ensure continuous improvement.

To meet our customers' full-time needs and expectations in accordance with national and international standards without compromising of Total Quality Management quality.

To closely follow the developing technology, to detect, correct and meet the changing needs in line with the principle of continuous improvement.

In accordance with our principle of Zero Defect production, instead of correcting occurred errors to provide a proactive approach taking measures to prevent the occurrence of these errors,

Our employees are our most valuable asset and are working to improve the performance and efficiency of our machine park,

To provide all required after-sales support in the fastest way.