Gramis is a subsidiary of Netral Group which is one of the leading companies in the sectors in which it has been operating for more than 20 years. Gramis carries its brand to upper levels, with its continuous development oriented company structure and high technology machines, which it has in the plastic packaging sector thanks to the international standards and environmentally friendly products produced at high quality. Gramis, which has the consciousness of being able to leave the environment, which is the common existence of humanity, in a more livable way to future generations;it produces 850 tons of products per month in hospitals, industrial, non-home consumption, retail gargabe bags (refuse sacks), PE Stretch Film,Shrink Film/Wrap , greengrocer roll market bags and commits itself to Europe and Asia


Garbage Bags
For Garbage Bags

Stability and Tear Resistance

Who would want his/her garbage bag to tear? That is why, the garbage bags you choose should be strong and resistant enough for its usage area. Our garbage bags are manufactured at the highest quality and resistant to punctures and tears thanks to our special production process.

Cost Efficiency

It is important that always choose the garbage bags which are right and suitable for need. You can protect your budget by choosing the right product and right sizes when buying the garbage bag, and we are ready to give you the necessary support.


We are manufacturing our garbage bags from washed and recycled waste. Our products are made of easily soluble and recyclable polyethylene (LDPE) in the nature. We working for a more livable environment.

Moisture Permeability

The different biological wastes in the garbage bag form moisture and odor. Gramis produces garbage bags that are resistant to moisture and odor, and destroyed without altering the fresh smell of nature.

Correct Bag Use

Using a garbage bag suitable for a trash can is extremely important in terms of cleanliness. Gramis produces garbage bags in the appropriate size for your space.